When We Trust In God’s Plan For Our Marriage

Heart of a Wife

The old me would have freaked out whenever my husband did things that seemed to go wrong. Instead of saying encouraging words to him, I would blame him, and act like he was an incompetent fool. I feared that he was completely incapable of leading us out of whatever inconvenient situation that I found myself in. I thought that I had a right to take control over the situation, and used belittling and demeaning words that would cut him down and try to make him feel useless. I lectured and preached, sulked, and become resentfully bitter. I would ruin an entire day together, or maybe even a whole week, over any incident that didn’t go my way.

I can’t help but think of how many times that I panicked, trying to force things to go my way. For all of those years, I missed out on trusting that God knew…

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Author: labake

I’m a freelance blogger and a certified cosmetologist based in Lagos, Nigeria. My goal is to create an amazing blog to motivate and inspire anyone that loves to write, blog and also review and give an honest opinion on product and services.

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