Motherhood, love & life | The first night at home with your baby

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On today’s episode of motherhood, love and life, I will be talking about the first night at home with your new born and also sharing my experience.

So, the first night with your new born at home is another experience and struggles entirely. I’m not going to feel bad saying this but I wasn’t prepared for what I was in for that night. When you are still in the hospital with your baby, it’s quite different and you get to have lots of attentions around you. The doctors and nurses coming to check on you, friends and family showing their love, care and concern that you feel all kinds of emotions. The moment you are discharged, it’s time to face reality of this new journey. For those that have their parents, spouses, sisters or any close relatives staying with them during this period might find it a little bearable and trust me in the night you will want to be considerate and not bother anyone.

My experience

Getting home I felt all kinds of emotions and i couldn’t describe my mood. I felt out of place, I didn’t know what to do next even when I was told that the next thing to do then was rest. I was discharged the third day after CS delivery. The hospital I used is a private hospital and they really tried in times of care but they also went a little hard because they believe the earlier you start doing little things the better for my scar healing. Climbing the stairs to the the car park wasn’t fun but the night before my discharge my friend helped me used the stairs and it really helped the following day. Getting into the car was another struggle but I thank God for my friends and family that were present.

I tried resting but I couldn’t because I was still overwhelmed by everything and my head was in so many places. I was consumed by the thought of how I was going to be a good mother, how I will care for another human and also if I was capable of been the best and I was having issues breastfeeding my daughter 😥😥.

The day went by slowly and the real struggle begins at night. I wasn’t informed about the way babies won’t adjust to day and night for the first 1-3months. My daughter refused to sleep, I was in pains from the cut. I didn’t even know when I started crying and talking to my 3days old to please rest because sleep is good for her 🤣🤣🤣.

My body was practically shutting down from the stress, pains and sleeplessness. My best friend was with me and we took turns in carrying her, singing, praying and also talking. Tears were just flowing from my eyes like a fountain but I knew I had to be strong. This started around 11pm and we carried it till 3am. At about 4:00am I told my friend to sleep because she was tired and she really tried. She was worried about my scar and during that time at some point, I forgot about my cut. I didn’t want to disturb my god mother and everyone at home, I made sure our door was shut and they wouldn’t hear Genesis crying.

My first night at home with Genesis..

Around 4:00am in the morning, I removed all my clothes except my panties. I lied down and asked my friend before sleeping to place genesis on my chest. We had skin contact and I started singing for her, telling her sweet things while tears was flowing from my eyes uncontrollably. I didn’t know when we both slept off. In the morning no one disturbed but my god mother gently helped her back on the bed and allowed me to rest. As time goes on, I started getting used to the changes and she also started getting used to the time. First night wasn’t easy but I thank God for everything.

That picture above is one of the best pictures of my life. It represents tiredness, strength, worries, love, life and carrying my own flesh and blood in my hands. Even at the circumstance the picture was taken, my heart was filled with love 💕❤❣

Mothers in the house, how was your first night at home like?

Did your new born struggle with the environment change and also time?

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