Hair care |Castor Oil for healthy and Hair repair

Hello my Apples, on today’s post, i’ll be talking about how to repair damaged hair like: damaged edges, split ends, hair breakage with just castor oil.

There are different brands of castor oil and i will show you which works well for me.

Castor oil

  • Use daily on edges as balm to restore lost edges. Castor oil is reputed to help regrow and thicken hair.
  • Use as a strengthening pre-shampooing treatment. You should do Pre-Shampoo Oil Treatments whether you have relaxed or natural hair.

Step 1: Using your fingers, divide your hair into 4-6 sections.

Step 2: Apply a heavy coating of castor oil throughout each section for thicker and longer hair.

  • Apply to ends to help re-seal split ends and breakage
  • Use castor as an anti-dandruff serum.

Like i said before that there are different brands of castor oil but i love the Jamaican black castor oil.

My favorite is the Tropic Isle Living Jamaican castor oil.


  • Strengthens hair follicles for strong, healthy, beautiful hair
  • Adds sheen and luster to your hair with its natural reflective and moisturizing capabilities
  • Creates a protective coating on the skin to seal in moisture
  • Heals and repairs scar tissue
  • Supports nail growth by protecting the nail bed with anti-fungal properties

This product is amazing.

Comment down below if you have tried this product and your experience using it.


Author: labake

I’m a freelance blogger and a certified cosmetologist based in Lagos, Nigeria. My goal is to create an amazing blog to motivate and inspire anyone that loves to write, blog and also review and give an honest opinion on product and services.

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