Hair | DIY hair tips / hair stimulating mask for fast healthy hair growth

Hello my Apples,

welcome to another exciting beauty post. It’s all about the hair my babies and i got everyone covered.

These methods is suitable for natural and relaxed hair both men and women. As people often say that hair is the beauty of a woman except me “hahahahhahahah”. I chop my hair every six months and i still don’t have an explanation for that but that moment i decided to keep it, these methods leaves my hair looking full, healthy, long and shiny. Lets get to it.


onion juice

onion juice is rich in sulphur which boost collagen production in tissues and helps in re-growth of the hair.

what to do: chop red onion into small pieces, squeeze out it juice and carefully apply it on the scalp for 15 mins and finally rinse off with a mild shampoo

Egg mask


Egg contains high level of or protein which helps in production of new hair/growth. it is also rich in zinc, sulphur, iron, phosphorus, selenium and iodine.

what to do: take one egg white, add honey and olive oil then mix it thoroughly to form paste. apply it all over the hair and leave on for 20mins, then rinse off with cool water and shampoo. “for more effect you can wrap hair with towel while covering it with a satin cap”

coconut milk 


it is rich in protein, iron, potassium and essential fats. it reduces hair breakage/falling which allows thorough hair growth.

what to do: extract the milk of a coconut, apply carefully on the hair and scalp, keep it on overnight, rinse off with cool water the next morning.

vitamin E oil 


it is rich in antioxidants, which makes it fight foreign bodies. it helps in increasing oxygen in the body and so increases the blood circulation on the scalp.

what to do: apply vitamin E oil on the scalp, leave it on overnight and wash off the next morning with cool water and mild shampoo. it will also make hair softer and smoother.

note: massaging the scalp with any essential oil, promotes hair growth, reduces hair fall and split ends. After massagin the scalp with essential oil, wrap your head with hot towels or shower cap, this will allow the pores on the scalp to open and allows easy penetration into the scalp. massage promotes easy blood circulation, which makes boost hair growth. regular oil massage on the scalp reduces dandruff and brings shine to the hair.



it reduces shedding of hair, boosts the regeneration of new hair growth and helps on scalp circulation.

what to do: crush few cloves of garlic, and boil in olive or coconut oil. Apply it on the root of your hair, leave it on for few minutes and wash off properly “not everyone can handle the smell of garlic” repeat this procedure thrice in a week for best results.

Green tea


it is rich in antioxidants which prevents hair loss and boost hair growth.

what to do: soak a bag of green tea in hot water, leave to cool off. Apply it on the scalp, leave for an hour, wash off with cool water.

potato juice 


it is rich in vitamin A, B and  C and these are essential for healthy hair. it can be used for someone suffering from alopecia.

what to do: place a potato in am extractor for juicing, apply this juice on the scalp and leave it on for 15minutes, wash off using mild shampoo






  • Cinnamon powder
  • Olive oil or Honey

Direction: add four tbsp of warm olive with one tbsp of cinnamon powder in a clean bowl. Mix thoroughly and apply on the scalp/root, massage it in and leave for about 15-20mins. Rinse with a mild shampoo afterward. If you feel any tingling sensation on your scalp,there is no cause to worry, its the mixture working. Not only does it stimulate growth, it adds shine to their hair.


Author: labake

I’m a freelance blogger and a certified cosmetologist based in Lagos, Nigeria. My goal is to create an amazing blog to motivate and inspire anyone that loves to write, blog and also review and give an honest opinion on product and services.

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