Dear diary |Top 20 old classic movies for the night and weekend staycation

Dear diary,It's another Friday chronicle with Genesis and I. Today is genesis Friday weather. It rained heavily and the weather is really cool and Genesis used it to her advantage by sleeping 😋😋😍😍 Friday night chronicle Genesis Well for what it's worth, she can now play her cartoon on YouTube, sit properly to watch and... Continue Reading →


Welcome to the Month of September

Happy new month my Apples I wish us all new opportunities, Divine connections, New jobs, New house, New meaningful Project, Lots of love, Lots of peace, Promotion, Financial stability, Marital favor, And all our heart desires in this month of September. 😍😍😍

Hairstyle | Bright colors on black

Hello my beautiful greeny Apples!It's a lovely Tuesday morning and I'm absolutely in the mood for some colors. I've always love black color while I hate anything pink 😞. It's my favorite and I honestly don't know why.So today, I will be doing the NEON color trend on black hair. Gone are those days that... Continue Reading →

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