New beauty product haul | Soap & Glory review

Hello my Apples, I'm excited to show you all my new beauty product haul. I love trying new things and getting to know more about beauty products and their benefits. So this new product is called SOAP & GLORY, which i love by the way. SOAP & GLORY Soap and Glory - A Fun, Fresh,... Continue Reading →


20 Beauty / Makeup Terms you need to know

Hello my Apples, It's a new week and welcome to another beauty blog post. On today's post, i'll be talking about some beauty slangs that are very important and common. So i was trying to get posts inspiration on YouTube, then i saw some beauty terms. Some i am familiar with while some I'm not.... Continue Reading →

4 Homemade toner for all skin types

hello my Apples, welcome to another beauty post. let's talk about Toners. Using a toner after cleansing I remember during my training in beauty school, facial treatment was actually one of the most delicate courses we had to deal with. The first thing anyone would see when they look at you is the face. Any... Continue Reading →

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