Short Story | The Bride in Black 18+

Story contains explicit contents My name is Valerie love and this is my story. Just as beautiful as love might be, I experienced it once and now I want more. Just wait you would understand what I meant by โ€œmoreโ€ From my crรจche, junior, senior all the way to my success, have only dated one... Continue Reading →


Pillow Talk #4 |Is Jealousy a sign of Love?

Hello my Apples, How Y'all doing? I'm back again with exciting new topic on the realest and most candid section of this blog 'THE PILLOW TALK" Today let's talk about jealousy, it's meaning, reason to be jealous, good or bad jealousy, necessary and unnecessary jealousy. What is jealousy?ย Jealousy is an emotion; the term generally refers... Continue Reading →

Hello September

Welcome to another new month my Apples... I pray this month bring forth good tidings and abundant of grace and favor... Happy new month everyone

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